Top 10 Online Psychics on Liveperson!

How to find a good & authentic online psychic?

That is a question many people want to know and the best way to find the best psychic is to do your homework and research!  We  did some of our own research to put together a list for you of what we think are great psychics with good reviews.  This list is based on both reviews from the Liveperson website, but also from researching each psychic on the web.

The Best Psychics on Liveperson

*in order by price

PatheFinder – $35 email reading, $0.99 per minute

Over 30 years experience Tarot. Allow the WISDOM of the UNIVERSE to guide your next step.


Corvus – $2.88 per minute

Professional Tarot reader with over 15 years experience. I don’t just look at coming events, but at steps which can be taken to arrive at the best outcome for your situation.


Zadalia – $2.99 per minute

Accurate, honest tarot and psychic readings specializing in love.


Advisor S.F – $50 – 3 questions, $4.99 per minute

Do you need truth? I have a god gifted talent, of remote viewing and clairvoyancy.I am here to guide and help those who are seeking answers. No false hope, and sugar-coating.


READINGS WITH SEBASTIAN – $60 email reading, $4.99 per minute

Third generation Psychic spiritualist with more than a decade of professional experience. True & Accurate Readings Have Questions? Need Answers?


The WizardStar – $7.98 per minute

Master Clairvoyant Medium. POWER in SPIRIT. Exceptional Akashic Mystic


Michael DuVal – $59.28 email reading, $9.42 per minute

~ Are you seeking answers to your situation? ~ Do you need help? ~ Let me show you the way! ~ Spiritual – Psychic Readings from the Heart ~


clairvoyant27 – $12.50 per minute

Seen Live Radio Psychic w/ timeframes. I accurately predict when an event will happen. Can give you the best days for love, money and gambling.


SPIRITUAL-LEE GIFTED – $120 Email Reading, $14.90 per minute

*Honest, Accurate & Fast Psychic Reader* AS SEEN ON TV! Tell me ONLY YOUR NAME – No sugar-coating. Email & Live Chat! FREE Angel card with every first time reading


Psychic PattyAnn – $16 per minute

TIRED OF FALSE PROMISES? Contact me now and hear the truth from a compassionate heart. Help is a click away! Love/Relationships


The Bad Psychics on Liveperson

* We don’t want to give bad reviews of psychics we have not had readings from, however we do think we should list the psychics that other people have had bad readings from… meaning they think the psychics are fake or trying to take advantage of their clients.  As we have not had readings ourselves this is based on other opinions.  If you have had a good experience with a psychic from below please say so in the comments on this post.

  • Master Z
  • David James
  • Spiritual Diagnosis
  • Fruno
  • Melodie
  • Golden Eye
  • Real Readings by Tracey
  • Truth and Light
  • Master Enigma
  • Celeste
  • Psychic Beth

What did we learn from our research?

We found that there are definitely some really great and trustworthy psychics online at Liveperson, however there are bad eggs too.  When you choose a psychic make sure to read a lot of reviews and look for any irregularities in the reviews. You may also want to search for your psychic elsewhere online to see what other websites have to say.  One website we got some research from said that some of the “top” rated psychics may be frauds and have their friends reviewing them. That it is why you should search for your psychic on google or elsewhere to see what others have to say outside of liveperson.

In conclusion, when choosing your psychic it is about the quality of reviews, not the quantity!  Just because someone has 10k reviews does not mean they are a good psychic or only 100 good reviews doesnt mean they are bad.  So do your research, and use your first 3 minutes free to establish if you think the psychic is genuine.


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