Common online psychic abilities

Psychic abilities have been a popular topic of study and discussion for almost as long as humans themselves have existed. In ancient times psychics were revered for their powers and looked to for guidance and advice. In some time periods such as early colonial America psychics were shunned and considered witches with evil powers.

In recent times psychics are not used by the corporate world or by the masses, but a lot of individuals still uses psychics online for guidance in different life situations or to get an idea of what the future might look like.

Below are the 5 most common psychic abilities, even though there are a lot of different types of abilities.

•    Clairvoyance, a psychic with clairvoyance can connect with people and use the minds eye to tune in and see people, objects, places, situations and scenes far away. Psychics with clairvoyance have been used in several cases to solve complex murder cases and crimes.

•    Psychometry is a psychic ability that has been featured in television and media a lot in recent times. This psychic ability allows the psychic to sense what happened on a certain place or time by touching an object that is associated with that event, place or person. By touching these objects, it can be a found wallet, sitting down in a car or touching a wall the psychic can see what happened to the person associated to the object.

•    Psychokinesis is another popular psychic ability. People with psychokinetic abilities can move and influence objects with their minds.

•    Telepathy is a similar power of the mind and allows people with the ability to read the thoughts of other people.

•    Auric sight, a psychic that has this ability can see and interpret a persons aura and get insight into their personal life, emotions and health. Every persons aura is different and varies in shape, size and color.

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