Your online psychic – genuine or fake?

A checklist to determine if your online psychic reader is real or not.

So is your psychic genuine or not, it is very hard to tell. Hopefully after reading this article you will have what it takes to tell a real one from a fake before committing to a psychic reading

One important thing to consider before we start. Research shows that four out of five psychics are a scam only focusing on getting as much of your money as quick as possible. That statistic scares me, and I believe that the number of “psychic” con artist are even greater online. So what can we do to ensure that a psychic is genuine before investing our money and time.

5 ways to determine if a online psychic is fake.

1. Psychics that starts to tell you about accidents, curses or death during the reading are usually not genuine. A professional and genuine psychic does not divulge information like that.

2. Usually a fake psychic charges you per minute and doing everything they can to keep the reading going as long as possible.

3. If a psychic tells you winning numbers etc. They are most definitely fake.

4. Usually fake psychics ask you about were you live, how old you are, your gender etc. These sort of questions are a big warning sign. With basic sociology skills a fake psychic can do a good profile on you with just a few questions.

5. A fake psychic often asks a lot of questions. A genuine psychic gives a lot of answers to your questions. Usually the questions the fake psychic will ask you are used to figure out what you want to hear.

5 ways to determine if a online psychic is genuine.

1. A sign of a good psychic is if they take the necessary time to answer any questions you might have before doing a reading.

2. Some psychics suggest that you record the session so that you can listen to it again and in the future if anything was unclear while doing the reading. This is a good sign.

3. Look for a psychic with lots of good reviews. But if a psychic has over hundred reviews and none of them are a bit negative, that would be a warning sign for fake reviews. No psychic can please everyone.

4. A fake psychic will usually give you the good news they think you want to hear. A real psychic will give you the bad, as well as the good.

5. A psychic that recommends you doing your next reading in six to twelve months is often legitimate. A fake psychic will usually try to make you come back a lot more than that.

This information should be a good start in finding a genuine online psychic that you hopefully can work with for a long time. Good luck on your journey!


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